• drop off: take someone somewhere by car
    Can I DROP you OFF somewhere on my way home?
  • get away: leave to go on holiday
    I need to GET AWAY for a few days.
  •  set off: start a journey
    We SET OFF early the next morning.
  • speed up: go faster
    The car suddenly SPED UP and went through a red light.
  • take off: leave the ground, begin to fly
    The plane TOOK OFF at 8.30 a.m.
  • get on / get off: enter/leave a bus, train, plane
    A lot of people usually GET ON / GET OFF the train at Cambridge.

  • check in: arrive and register at an airport or hotel
    Please CHECK IN 2 hours before the flight.
  • see off: go to the airport or station with sb in order to say goodbye to them
    Anne SAW Terry OFF at the station.
  • check out: leave the hotel after paying
    We CHECKED OUT (of/from our hotel) at 5 a.m.
  • hold up : cause a delay for someone
    Sorry, I’m late, but my train was HELD UP.

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