When people live in a foreign country, they should follow local traditions and customs.
Do you agree or not?

As the immigrants in many countries are rising in number, an opinion emerges that it is necessary for these outsiders to embrace the culture of the natives. In my personal view, such assimilation is completely justifiable for certain reasons.

In the first place, non-native residents should consider adopting the cultural changes for the sake of their easy immigration. It can be universally acknowledged that the people of a nation take pride in their own cultural features such as beliefs, lifestyle and cuisine which greatly influence their life.

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Many people believe that international tourism is a bad thing for their country. What are the reasons and solutions to change negative attitudes? There are several reasons why many people have a negative attitude towards international tourism. However, this can be handled by adopting possible solutions, as will now be discussed. Firstly, the influx of […]

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