Many people believe that international tourism is a bad thing for their country. What are the reasons and solutions to change negative attitudes?


There are several reasons why many people have a negative attitude towards international tourism. However, this can be handled by adopting possible solutions, as will now be discussed.

Firstly, the influx of foreign travelers is often associated with an increase in the level of environmental pollution. Many tourists throw rubbish into the surroundings irresponsibly, which contributes to air, water and soil contamination. In addition, there might be a growing demand for transport, decreasing the air quality at the tourist destination.

Secondly, international tourism increases the odds of spreading infectious diseases into the local community. Viruses such as Ebola and H5N1 can become a threat to the locals if an infected traveler visits their country. In Vietnam, for example, many people died after a visitor from Hong Kong carried the H5N1 virus to the country in 2003. This example makes it clear why many people are still against the development of international tourism.

However, there is a range of options that can be taken to improve the situation. One measure would be that the government should continue campaigns to raise the awareness of tourists when they pay a visit to a new land. Travelers should be encouraged to put waste into the right place or to use public transport if possible. Another remedy is that there should be medical checks at airports and borders. This is to guarantee that infected visitors should be quarantined to halt the spread of the disease.

In conclusion, negative feelings about global tourism still are common in society. However, this can be resolved by taking the above suggestions.

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