There is a general increase in anti-social behaviours and lack of respect for others. What
are the causes and solutions?

The widespread problem of anti-social behaviours and disrespectful attitudes towards others has long been a major topic of concern in society. Some of the major culprits of this problem will be discussed before the most important solutions are drawn.

Reasons for this alarming situation vary. In some cases, people may hold an anti-social attitude or disrespect others because they live in an environment where violence and discrimination are the norms. For example, children of sexist parents in rural families in Vietnam, irrespective of their gender, show a worrying tendency of disrespecting women.

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As well as making money, businesses also have social responsibilities. Do you agree or

People have different views about what kinds of obligation a company should have. While I accept that the top priority of companies is to generate profits, I believe they should also have social responsibilities.

On the one hand, I believe businesses already contribute to society by simply focusing on making money. The first reason is that when companies earn any profits, they can expand their businesses, which creates more job opportunities for people. Some big multinational corporations such as Apple or Microsoft can be a great illustration.

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