There is a general increase in anti-social behaviour and lack of respect for others. What are the causes and solutions?

anti-social behaviour

The widespread problem of anti-social behaviour and disrespectful attitudes towards others has long been a major topic of concern in society. Some of the major culprits of this problem will be discussed before the most important solutions are drawn.

Reasons for this alarming situation vary. In some cases, people may hold an anti-social attitude or disrespect others because they live in an environment where violence and discrimination are the norms. For example, children of sexist parents in rural families in Vietnam, irrespective of their gender, show a worrying tendency of disrespecting women. In some other cases, it is the lack of parental guidance that is to blame. As modern parents are becoming increasingly busy with their jobs, they may have the proclivity to be indifferent to childhood education. When there is no one to help young children distinguish between the good and the bad, ill-mannered attitudes may emerge and develop among them without being controlled.

A number of definite actions could be taken to mitigate the problem. On the national level, the first obvious solution is to reduce violence and discrimination. As this would be a massive act, the all voters and legislators should be responsible. Together, they could call for stricter enforcement of the laws on violent and discriminatory acts to deter them from happening. In addition, on the nuclear-family level, parents must not underestimate the significance of their guidance for children. If they notice any signs of an anti-social or insolent manner in children, they must provide them with negative evaluations of these signs. At the same time, parents could also educate their children about social manners by instilling a pro-social sense in them. These actions, albeit small, could have a strong influence on children when they mature.

To conclude, it is clear that violence, discrimination and the indifference of parents to children education are the major catalysts for increase in anti-social behaviour and disrespect for others. Strong measures, such as stringent law enforcement on violent and discriminatory acts, must be taken to alleviate this distressing situation.

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