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I have not won many prizes in my life, however, the few that I have they have been the best of their kinds. Apart from my academic achievements, there is something which I am looking forward to win this year. It is an annual competition which is being held in my organization, which is Dell computers, and this particular company deals with computers and every employee who is working towards the sales has a target to achieve. The prize is known as the achiever of the year and the money to be won is around three point five lakh rupees, Indian rupees and the criteria for this particular competition is, however, a little bit difficult to achieve and it’s been past two years I’ve been trying to work hard for this, however, I have not been able to achieve it but since I said that I’m looking forward to it I intend to win this time because the quarterly sales of the organisation are calculated along with the person who has contributed towards the highest number of sales in that particular time period and since I have been able to achieve that so it is only a matter of few months in case if the consistency is maintained I will be able to achieve my aim. however, the best catch about is not only the prize money but also the perks. the recognition along with the trips which are being given to the employees which are an added advantage. There would be a single trip for the family to the USA for around a month and along with that a bonus of added 75 thousand rupees will be given to the winner. This is not it there is one more catch to it that in case if the person does not want to choose the trip abroad he can choose at least three trips in the coming year within his own or her own country. So I would definitely like to witness the beautiful destinations in my country in case if I am not able to go abroad. So at the end of the day not only I would be able to get lots of money, I will be travelling but I would also be meeting the CEO of the organization. I believe that’s what’s the best motivation factor for me is and I would definitely love to be a part of this competition and win it thank you.

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