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Talk about a singer or musical band (favourite singer/musical band) you enjoy listening to

  • you have to answer
  • Who is it?
  • Why do you like listening to their music


The world along with my country is so much full of talent and singing is one of them. I really like to listen to people who are talented and grounded at the same time all around the world. there is one person, however, who continues to inspire me till date and his name is AR Rahman. This man was born in a Hindu family and his mother was an acclaimed artist herself. She had won many musical awards, however, he decided to convert himself into Islam once he reached adulthood and AR Rahman is famous mainly for all types of music it’s like contemporary or classical or you say pop he excels in every one of them. The most captivating feature about his compositions is that he takes every song into consideration as a masterpiece and tries to deliver it in the same manner. For example, if I talk about a movie which happened to come in 1990 was named as Roja it was a South Indian movie which was dubbed in Hindi and the songs were so beautiful that they captivated the whole world around and they were a hit. His performances which have been given live on stages have been phenomenal. He has been asked by directors of oscar-winning movies worldwide to give the musical scores for their movies for example he won an Oscar for Slumdog Millionaire which was hit all around the world and recently also he has been approached for the most favorite movie of the best generation which is Avengers Endgames and since it has been dubbed in Hindi and he has been considered to create the score for this movie also and these kind of achievements actually make me happy that he is an Indian and he makes our country proud that it does not matter where you come from it does not matter where you’re born and how you’re born what makes sense is what kind of hard work and efforts you’re putting in in your particular field and one has to remain dedicated to it without being biased or trying to copy others in order to be successful. His Sufi songs are the most charming ever which actually take a person to another level and these things are the ones which make him a unique person he will remain my favorite forever thank you.


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