Talk about a time when you gave advice to someone

I have had many experiences of my life when I had to take a piece of information or try to take a decision and I counter checked with somebody who was elder to me in order to seek their advice, however, there have been instances when I myself have been able to guide a couple of students in my life. Out of them, one in particular I remember and always mention about him to my other students whom I teach. His name is Dakash and he who has been studying in Lovely Professional University, which is situated in the city of Phagwara in state of Punjab India and this boy has been a very hardworking student wherein he had lots of dedication towards his work. He was not a very enthusiastic student in activities, however, if anything related to programming was considered he was the one who would be willing to put in around 10 to 12 hours a day and get the work done. There was a time when during the fourth year, which was the final year of his graduation degree in engineering of computer science, he was kind of perplexed wherein he was not able to decide whether he should pursue his further studies or get himself hired for a job and thereby appear in the examinations being held by companies. So when he sought my advice upon this I looking at his talent and his dedication told him not to go for any job at this particular stage because the kind of mindset he had was research-based wherein lots of dedication was required and I told him to take my word for it that if he forsakes this opportunity of being hired by a company and instead appear for an examination which is directly for PhD holders after graduation he will be definitely successful at it. Well, considering my point of view he did take the examination after preparing for a few months and he was being hired by the government of India and was one of the very few students who are being directly recruited into the research department after a graduation degree, normally in India it is after post graduation, and today he is in Germany and earning a handsome amount of money wherein he is quite successful in what he does and since then he has been kind of thanking me and been telling me that yes that was the best piece of advice I ever got and it has shaped my future and thereby I always try to serve the best to the students and made them successful in whatever way they can be thank you.

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