Talk about the happiest situation in your life.

  1. What was the event
  2. Where and when it happened
  3. With whom you enjoyed
  4. Explain why it was important

The happiest moment in my life was when I passed my Grade 12. It was a crazy day. I was behaving like a maniac as I was so stressed out. I had to go to my school to get my result and I was panicking. My admission in the college was solely dependent on whether I pass or fail the exam, so it was very important for me to pass the exam.

I reached my school and I was trembling with fear because I thought that I would fail in one of the subjects. After a long wait I was asked to pick my result and with trembling hands I opened the envelope.
I had passed the exam. It was the happiest moment in my life. The main reason it was the happiest moment in my life was that I had not worked for the exam, but still I passed the exam. Somewhere in my heart I thought that I did not deserve the passing mark, so the passing mark made me ebullient.

If I compare this situation to other events in my life I can say that I have had better marks in other exams, but this was the most important one. After getting the HSD I got admission in the college and I started my higher studies. I remember that most of the students in my class had not gotten it and they had to sit for the make-up exam; however I was damn lucky and it also helped me realized that luck was not always going to work and in the future I will have to put up some real effort to get success in life.

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