Previous year question paper for MCS (Diploma Electronics and Communication Engineering 6th)

Maintenance of Computer System

Previous year question paper with solutions for Maintenance of Computer System from 2017 to 2018

Our website provides solved previous year question paper for Maintenance of Computer System from 2017 to 2018. Doing preparation from the previous year question paper helps you to get good marks in exams. From our MCS question paper bank, students can download solved previous year question paper. The solutions to these previous year question paper are very easy to understand.

1. Mother Board 2

Introduction to different type of mother boards, Single Board Based System, Block

diagram of motherboard. Installation of Computer System.

(08 hrs)

2. Buses and Ports

Different type of Buses PCI, SCSI and Serial and Parallel ports (COM ports) Ports COM

1, LPTI, USB. RS 232 C, use of computer for instrumentation.

(08 hrs)

3. Memory

Principle and construction of Hard Disk Drive (HDD). Floppy Disk Controller & Hard Disk

Controller. Pen Drives, common faults with hard disk drive and floppy disk drive, RAM


(10 hrs)

4. Keyboard and Mouse

Block Diagram of keyboard Controller, keyboard switches, keyboard faults, mouse,

common faults with mouse and optical mouse. Introduction to scanner, digitizer.

(08 hrs)

5. CRT Display Devices

Block Diagram, Principle of operation of Computer Monitor, Difference between TV and

Computer Monitor. Video display Adaptors (monochrome and Colour), introduction to

solid state displays

(08 hrs)

6. Printers

Printing Mechanism, Construction and working principles of Dot Matrix Printer, Inkjet

Printer, Laser Printer, Printer Controller, Centronics Interface, Signals from PC to Printer

and Printer to PC.

(08 hrs)


7. Networking Devices

Introduction to networking devices. Idea about

a) LAN, WAN, Wi-Fi, WLAN


(08 hrs)

8. Modems

: Need and functions of modems


: Their need, function and applications.