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 Engineering Mathematics-III

Unit I Fourier Series: Periodic functions, Euler's formula. Even and odd functions, half range expansions, Fourier series of different wave forms.

Unit II Laplace Transforms: Laplace transforms of various standard functions, properties of Laplace transforms, inverse Laplace transforms, transform of derivatives and integrals, Laplace transform of unit step function, impulse function, periodic functions, applications to solution of ordinary linear differential equations with constant coefficients, and simultaneous differential equations.

Unit III Special Functions: Power series solution. of differential equations, Frobenius method, Legendre's equation, Legendre polynomial, Bessel's equation, Bessel functions of the first and second kind. Recurrence relations, equations reducible to Bessel's equation.

Unit IV Partial Differential Equations: Formation of partial differential equations, Linear partial differential equations, homogeneous partial differential equations with constant coefficients.

Unit V Applications of PDEs: Wave equation and Heat conduction equation in one dimension. Two dimensional Laplace equation in Cartesian Coordinates, solution by the method of separation of variables. .

Unit VI Functions of Complex Variable: Limits, continuity and derivative of the function of complex variable, Analytic function, Cauchy-Riemann equations, conjugate functions, harmonic functions; Conformal Mapping: Definition, standard transformations, translation, rotation, inversion, bilinear. Complex Integration: Line integrals in the complex plane, Cauchy's theorem, Cauchy's integral formula and derivatives of analytic function. Taylor's and Laurent's expansions (without proofs), singular points, poles, residue, Integration of function of complex variables using the method of residues.

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