Previous year question paper for MP (MCA 2nd)

Introduction to microprocessor

Previous year question paper with solutions for Introduction to microprocessor from 2008 to 2010

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Section A

Introduction to Microprocessor, its historical background and Microprocessor applications.

INTEL 8085: Microprocessor Architecture and its operations, 8085 MPU and its architecture, 8085

instruction cycle and timing diagram, Memory read and Memory Write operations, Instructions for

8085: Data movement, Arithmetic and logic; and branch control instructions., RISC v/s CISC


Section B

INTEL 8086: Introduction, 8086Architecture, real and Protected mode, Memory Addressing,

Memory Paging, Addressing Modes. Pin diagram of 8086, clock generator (8284A)

Section C

Various types of instructions: Data movement, Arithmetic and logic; and program control.

Section D

Interrupts: Introduction, 8257 Interrupt controller, basic DMA operation and 8237 DMA Controller,

Arithmetic coprocessor, 80X87 Architecture