Being a celebrity- such as a famous film star or sports personality brings problems as well as benefits. Do you think that being a celebrity brings more benefits or more problems?


It is a fact that when anyone becomes a famous person in a society, it brings both advantages and issues to their life. I believe that being a famous person brings more problems because it limits their freedom to go anywhere they choose, and they have to be cautious about their behaviour in public.

The primary reason why being a celebrity is problematic is that, it is not safe to go out in public places. This is because people will gather around them to catch a glimpse of them. By taking advantage of the crowd, someone can hurt them physically. This means they have to spend most of the time at home and hire a private security agency to keep themselves safe while they are in public. Recently I read a news article, about a famous singer from my town who went to a market, and while she was taking selfies with people, someone touched her and she felt very embarrassed. As a result, she hired bouncers to keep her safe in public events.

Another negative aspect of being a celebrity is that they have to be cautious about their behavior. This is because, they are being followed by many people, especially young ones, and they are considered as role models. Therefore, they need to think twice before making any statements in public, as this can portray a negative image of themselves. For example, Hardik Pandya, a famous cricketer, answered a question in a TV show about his life, which raised controversy, and he is was suspended from the team due to his irresponsible answer.

In conclusion, famous individuals have many restrictions in their personal freedoms and have to bear extra responsibilities which makes their lives difficult. I think due to these issues they cannot enjoy their life.

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