Describe a practical skill you learned

You have to answer

  • What this skill was
  • When you learned it
  • How you learned it
  • And explain why you think it was important

I have been dreamer since my childhood and there are so many things that I still have to achieve and learning is a process by which I always engage myself in, and I try to gain as much as knowledge possible from all the things that come in my life. And there was one thing which I recently been able to get my hands on and acquire a skill which was for pottery making pots. Well, incidentally what happens was, I was on a trip to a hill station and during that particular tour I came across a shop wherein, there was a young lady creating sculptures so intricate and beautiful and they were not coming out of moulds and when enquired she said that this is an art which I have acquired from my father and it is a part of pottery and this is something which you can also do very easily. However, you would need certain practising techniques which only my father knows around the area. I had a word with him, and on striking a deal for a couple of hundreds of rupees, he decided to teach it some of the things to me. Like a couple of next days because my stay was there at that particular place and what I learnt was how to make a small pots and then use them in order to conjoin them with another set of pots. Now it was a technique which I was not using to make a single design. I could use different colour combinations, different types of clay and different kinds of hands-on techniques wherein moving my fingers in different manners on the wheel itself, created uniqueness in the designs of small , large or medium sized pots which I was creating. When I tried my hands on the third day, which was the final day I found out that I can carry this technique for the future also and I decided to pursue it when I reach my hometown. And this was one of the best feelings because since then I have been able to spread the ancient kind of vision which has been used by somebody for generations and I have been able to carry on for someone and incidentally I have been able to earn a large amount of money from that. Thank You.



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