Growing population is a big problem in developing countries. Should the government provide new homes in the cities or the countryside?


Rising population is becoming a major woe for all the developing nations as they have to provide new houses to accommodate them. This essay believes that new houses should only be built in cities because the land in suburbs is used for cultivation, and city dwellers have easy access to amenities.

Firstly, building apartments in the countryside will lower down the food production that is required to feed all the citizens. This is because the primary purpose of the land in the countryside, especially in countries like India, is to cultivate crops to feed the entire population of the nation. Therefore, if the states start exploiting this land for houses, they will struggle to feed the public. For example, a country like India with increasing population makes it mandatory to use its land in outskirts solely for agriculture purposes rather than for building homes.

Secondly, constructing flats in cities benefits families in terms of easy access to amenities, such as supermarkets, schools and hospitals. The majority of these facilities are situated in the cities, therefore, it is much easier for a family to approach these amenities if they live in a city as compared to the countryside. Personally, I live in a city so that my children can attend brilliant schools in the city, and moreover, it is really easy for us to access the best hospitals in the case of an emergency.

In conclusion, I believe that the government should only plan new hosing in cities because the land in suburbs is used to feed people, and amenities such as schools are more approachable for people living in a city.

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