Health related Vocabulary for IELTS

  1. Rudimentary: (Adj) Basic and simple Syn: Basic, elementary
  2. Rampant: (Adj) spreading very quickly and difficult to control
  3. Administer: (Transitive verb) to give (medicine)
  4. Diagnose: (Verb) to recognize a disease or illness
  5. Cognition:( Noun) mental processesExamples: thinking, remembering, understanding
  6. Deterioration: (Noun) the process of becoming worse
  7. Chronic: (Adj) continuing to occur over a long period of time
  8. Disorder: (Noun) physical or mental state that is not normal or healthy
  9. Alleviate: (Verb) to make something less painful or difficult
  10. Obese: (Adj)(Noun -> Obesity) overweight
  11. Narcotics: (Noun) Illegal drugs that affect mood or behaviour
  12. Infect: (Verb) To cause to become sick through a disease
  13. Addiction: (Noun)Syn: dependence, habit
  14. Prevent: (Verb)
  15. Incurable diseases
  16. Overweight
  17. Obesity
  18. Allergy

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