Many countries want to move factories and big industrial firms out of towns and into rural areas. Do you think the advantages of this outweigh the disadvantages?


Recently, movements have been made the world over/around the earth to relocate factories and industrial companies out of small towns and into more rural areas. It is felt that on the whole this strategy hinders/brings with it more advantages than disadvantages. The subjects of public health and child labour will be analyzed to prove this thesis true.
For one, the health hazards that derive from industrial and residential proximity are unfortunate phenomena that have been exhibited many times along/throughout history. The nuclear meltdown in the Ukrainian city of Chernobyl acts as an extreme example of this. In 1990s Chernobyl, townspeople lived in close proximity to a nuclear plant that provided energy to the region. Because/As a result the plant was located so closely to the townspeople, its meltdown was particularly harmful to the health of many, causing birth defects, growth abnormalities and various forms of cancer. As this example makes clear, the benefits that come from moving industrial production facilities out of towns can be seen/are witnessed clearly.
In addition to health promotion/promoting, moving factories away from residentially sparse/dense areas may help to curb disturbing trends in child labour among developing countries. In many small towns in Anhui, China, for example, high school aged children who grow up near factories are often enticed/dissuaded to leave school and start careers. These same trends are not/commonly seen among Shanghai high school students, however, where residentially dense areas are typically not proximate to industrial plants. Thus, this makes it clear that townspeople living in the vicinity of factories may experience a reduction in their overall level of education. Therefore, the advantages of relocating factories obviously outweigh the disadvantages.
Following this look at how a strategy for industrial displacement would lead to both health benefits and a reduction in child labour, it is felt that this course of action/course of work should be supported. It is hoped worldwide measures are taken to realize this vision.

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