Men and women employed in full-time jobs should share the responsibilities of household chores. Do you agree or disagree? Share relevant personal experiences.


With women demonstrating their ability to perform just as well as men on the global professional stage, it is no wonder that more and more men are taking on the responsibilities of domestic life. I feel that all household chores should be distributed evenly between dual-income couples. The virtues of this arrangement will be shown by looking at the positive effects it has on both children and the relationship quality the married couple experiences.

For one, parents who share housework provide a good example to their children of the importance of empathy. For instance, while working in Dubai, I taught English to children of several dual income families. These children were very proactive when it came to helping their parents with household duties. Looking back, I feel these children acted in this selfless manner in response to the living models their parents provided. As this example shows, parents who equally shoulder the burden of household duties pass on worthy character traits to their children.

In addition to this, the relationship quality married couples experience can benefit from their sharing in the challenges of day-to-day life. For example, although my own mother never worked, she was always very gracious of my father when he would take the time to help her with duties around the house. This sharing in hardship helped to strengthen my parents’ union and acts as yet another benefit to the equal divvying of household duties between married couples.

After looking at how equal burden can benefit a married couple’s children and relationship, it is clear that this is an opinion that should be supported.

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