New technologies have changed the way children spend their free time. Do advantages of this outweigh disadvantages?


In this modern age, the introduction of new technologies is often accompanied by major impacts on our life. Children, accordingly, have altered their usual habits in their leisure time due to such technological influence. There can be both benefits and drawbacks of this change, but I believe it is still more negative than positive.

In the positive aspect, children certainly have benefited much from technology. Firstly, technology has added more options to the range of entertainment sources when other ways are unavailable. For example, children can play online games at home with other players in case of the bad weather; alternatively, social networks such as Facebook are a nice way to talk to friends who are far away. Secondly, technology has created many affordable activities for enjoyment for even the children whose families are not too wealthy. While some pastimes such as golf and stamp collection can be too expensive for many, video games and portable music players seem to be more popular among average people.

Nevertheless, new technologies also have more significant adverse effects. The first one is a sedentary lifestyle which results from spending too much time using computers or mobile phones and neglecting some outdoor activities. This lifestyle is prone to entail many health problems such as obesity and damaged eye-sight. Another outcome is poor academic performance when children become seriously addicted to the games and social networks and lose their attention in the classroom. Besides, some healthy sports and arts activities can disappear in the future if there are too few people interested in them.

In conclusion, beneficial as new technologies have been for the quality of children’s leisure time, they are likely to cause more problems and need to be appropriately controlled.

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