Nowadays, most large companies operate multi-nationally. To what extent those companies should have responsibility towards local communities in which they operate?


In the globalization process, a variety of organisations run on an international scale. However, I believe that these firms should not forget to place more of an emphasis on contributing to the development of the local societies where they are located in several aspects. The first responsibility that the multinational companies should take is to preserve the local environment. Companies of any size would exert negative influence on the region’s air and water quality by running factories, disposing of waste to the waterworks or simply using air conditioners. Therefore, it is encouraged that they are active in placing restrictions on the level of the contaminants released in order to operate on an environmentally friendly basis.

Second of all, paying tax on schedule is also an obligation. The tax money is used to upgrade the public constructions and regulate the social-economic activities, thus facilitate people’s life. Accordingly, not paying tax properly, the companies not only violate the national laws, but also indirectly deprive the inhabitants of a wide range of benefits they are well-deserved to reap.

Finally, the major global companies can support the regional communities by creating jobs. Provided with career opportunities at a firm near their homes, the workers can not only save time and money for traveling but also find it easier to take care of their family. In a broader view, this action helps reduce the unemployment rate at the area, which boosts the local economic development in the long run.

In conclusion, I believe that helping the local communities thrive should be considered a must for the international organisations, and there are many ways to implement the task.

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