Some people prefer shopping in shopping centers, while others prefer local markets. What are the advantages of each? Which shopping experience do you prefer? Share any personal experiences you have had.

local markets

Shopping preferences vary widely between one consumer and another. Many are of the opinion that shopping centers provide the optimal consumer experience. Others, however, prefer local markets. I will compare both in this essay before sharing my own opinion.

On the one hand, many people argue shopping malls offer more convenience than markets. For example, while living in Dubai, I often went to the City Center mall because I could buy a wide range of products there, including electronics, food, and clothing. As such an eclectic offering of goods is typically not available in local markets, the benefits of patronizing shopping centers can be seen. It is thus understandable why many people support the idea that shopping centers are the better way to buy goods.

However, the above is a view not supported by everyone. Many feel local markets provide the buyer with fresher produce and more authentic items. Thus, although Dubai’s City Center provides convenience, the freshness of its perishable goods is no match for local markets in Dubai, like the Deira Spice Souk. At this souk, food items are often harvested, shipped and sold within 24 hours. It is thus clear why many deem the merits of local markets superior to those of shopping malls.

After the above examination, it is clear that both shopping experiences have clear benefits. Although local markets provide the most authentic items and the freshest foodstuffs, I personally most value convenience and thus prefer to shop at shopping centers. For the time being, it looks as though there is steady patronage to both shopping arrangements.

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