Some say that music, art and drama are as important as other school subjects, especially at the primary level. Do you agree or disagree?


It is argued that pupils should be taught some vocational subjects at the primary school level, which has as much importance as other subjects like science and math. This essay totally agrees with the statement because students could learn soft skills and could explore their inbuilt qualities.

To begin with, learning extra curricular courses apart from their academic studies will effectively improve students communication skills and make them more confident. The early exposure with these valuable skills will teach students how to give good presentations and handle team work. This is to say that this would automatically allow them to be more effective and productive in their jobs, which eventually leads to wonderful careers in the future. A recent survey conducted by Times magazine found that students who were involved in other co-curricular activities during the while in school, had 40% more productivity and confidence than students who were not.

Another thing is that having access to these subjects can expose students to their inherited talents. By doing these activities, children can be more creative with their interests. Because their interests can be in any specific subjects, students can find their passion and strengths in these areas, which can result in successful careers in their fields. For example, Justin Bieber found his interest in singing at early age, and he is now very famous in music industry all around the world.

In conclusion, subjects such as music, drama and art are equally as important as other subjects, because these courses instill practical skills and children can develop qualities by practicing these subjects.

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