Talk about a problem solved through the Internet

You have to answer

  • What was it
  • Whatyou did about it
  • How you solve it
  • What did you feel after getting it solved

Internet has always been a very good friend of mine because there are so many things that I usually find on the web and try and understand things which are not approachable to me in my normal routine. Well, there was one time when I had to use the net in order to get my money back. What happened was that I was transferring some money on the internet and after doing that securely on an account the very next day I found out that almost eighteen thousand Indian rupees had been stolen from my bank account and it was very shocking because I did not do any kind of transaction as such and I was kind of prevented that what exactly has come up my way. Incidentally, since the money got stolen on the Internet and it was a transaction being done in the city of Singapore I decided to get it solved as soon as possible. So I went ahead and connected myself on the internet first through Gmail, messaged the customer care company that I have not made this transaction and it is unauthorized. Secondly, I made a call to the customer care via my internet connectivity they connected me to the manager and I had a Skype call wherein I was able to talk to him and explain all the details of my transactions which have been done till date. He told me to go online and fill a form which was called as a fraud form wherein I can submit it directly to the bank through my web portal itself. So I did that the very next morning, opened my account on the net itself and submitted my details and filled the fraud form and incidentally without physically going to any place I was able to get my money back within the next seven days and it was pretty good feeling because also a very relieving kind of sense that I had that it’s a huge amount of money for me which incidentally got stolen and via the net itself I was able to solve it, although, it got stolen on the Internet thank you.


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