The restoration of old buildings in major cities around the world costs enormous amounts of money. This money would be better spent on providing new housing and road development. To what extent do you agree or disagree with this opinion?


Preserving ancient buildings the world overtakes huge sums of money, therefore, some argue that this fund can be utilized to build new shelters and maintain roads. This essay totally disagrees with this viewpoint because these historical buildings play a key role to preserve the culture and promote tourism.

Firstly, restoring old buildings is a great means to preserve a nation’s cultural heritage. Every nation has some historical monuments that reflect the culture and history of that country. Therefore, keeping these building alive for the posterity is a preferable school of thought rather than neglecting these masterpieces and spending on other areas. For example, the UK government each year expend millions of pounds on the restoration of ancient buildings in the country.

Secondly, funding historical monuments for maintenance promotes tourism, especially in the Orient world. Many people from the western world flock to these countries to visit these masterpieces because of their aesthetic appeal. As tourism is one of the booming industry these days, so it can aid the developing nations in boosting their economies by keeping old monuments in good shape. For example, millions of people flock to India to see Taj Mehal, which strengthens our nation’s economy. That is one of the main reasons our government allot vast amounts of money to preserve all the old buildings.

In conclusion, spending on preserving ancient buildings should be prioritised rather than diverting the allotted fund to restore old buildings to build new roads and houses because these historical buildings play a vital role to preserve culture and boost the tourism industry.

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