Today, the internet and TV have created that chance for ordinary people to become famous. Is it a positive or negative development?


Over the past few years, the web and TV have provided normal people with an opportunity to become celebrities. This essay believes that this is a positive development because it enables people to earn a living and provides a platform to brings out their hidden talent.

Firstly, people, these days, have been making a living by showing their inner talent on the internet. There are so many platforms, such as Youtube, Facebook and Instagram, out there where one can earn money by uploading videos and posts. Without these platforms, many still would have been living mediocre lives. For example, one of my friends who were from the middle-class family started blogging a few years, and now he has been earning huge amounts of money from his blogs.

Secondly, the TV industry has been able to tap the hidden potential of people by providing them with a stage to perform. These days, there are so many music and dancing shows running on television where children can participate regardless of their family’s economic condition. This way countries are getting the real talent that was hidden until. For instance, in a dancing show named Dance India Dance hundreds of children perform each year, and India gets new talents every year.

In conclusion, I believe that the opportunities provided by the internet and TV industry to people living in mediocrity are a positive development because it allows people to earn their livelihoods and provides a platform to bring out their hidden talent in front of the world.

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