1.Indispensable (Adjective)
Syn: Vital, crucial, essential
2. Innovative (Adjective)
Syn: Inventive, ingenious
3. Breakthrough (Noun)
Syn: discovery, finding
A researcher reported another breakthrough in cancer research.
4. Revolutionized (Verb)
Syn: Transform There is no doubt that the internet has Revolutionised our lives.
5. Cutting-edge (Adjective)
Syn: Leading, very modern
Cutting-edge technology/design
6. Censorship (Noun)
Syn: restriction, stopping certain information
7. Gadgets
8. laborious: (Adj)
needing a lot of time and effort
Technology has made our daily lives much less laborious.
9. Enrich: (verb)
to improve the quality of something
The internet has also enriched our lives…

10. rely on something:
to depend on

11. Technological advancements

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