Write a letter to a friend who you have met on an overseas trip in an English speaking country. Ask for him to send you the trips photographs.


Dear John,
I hope this letter finds you in radiant health. I’m writing this letter to request you to send our trip photographs.

I have been to many places but this trip to your home country, London, is the best one in my life. I was fortunate that I met a person like you who is so friendly and cooperative. I enjoyed a lot during this trip, and It all happened because of your in-depth knowledge about the places we visited.

As you had a camera, you clicked so many photographs of us. As I’m eagerly waiting to see these photos, so it would so nice of you if you send some at the latest. I also shared with my parents regarding the fun we had, so they would also like to see the photos.

Now it is your turn to come to my home country, India. As you keen on learning about old buildings, there is a lot of things to do and see in this context. I hope you consider my invitation and visit my family and me very soon.

Yours truly,

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