You have a permanent job, and few weeks ago you have started a part-time short course. You are not satisfied with it and want to change this part time course. Write a letter to your professor explaining why you are not satisfied with your present part-time course, and stating which course you would prefer and why.


Dear Sir,
I am writing this letter to inform you that I am dissatisfied with the intermediate level computer course at your institute and would like to change my course.

My name is John Smith, and recently I have enrolled in a part-time computer intermediate course at your place. As I joined this course with a view to enhancing my expertise in using computer software, such as Microsoft Office and Excel,

after taking some classes, I have realized that this course is not for me as I already know the skills that are being taught in this course.

Now I would like to change my course. I looked upon your course list and I think the course named Expert at Excel is the one I would like to join. This is the only course that is somehow relevant to my job.

Actually, my job consists of a lot of usage of Excel to make reports on a daily basis. Therefore, I think as I already have some expertise in operating Excel, this course will make me adept at operating Excel.

Yours faithfully,
John Smith

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