You have seen an advertisement in an Australian magazine for someone to live with a family for six months and look after their six-year-old child.

Write a letter to your parents. In your letter:

  • Explain why you would like the job
  • Give details of why you would be a suitable person to employ
  • Say how you would spend your free time while you are in Australia.


Dear Dad,

I hope you are fine and doing well. I have a good piece of news to share with you. I was reading the Australian Times a few days back and came across an advertisement for the requirement of a caretaker for a little one in Sydney. It also stated that a half-yearly stay is required with the family. Dad, I feel that this job would be highly suitable for me, and I can definitely make it work for myself.

There are many reasons as to why I like this opportunity. Firstly, this job requires taking care of a child, and it aligns perfectly with my Child Psychology degree. Also, you know it well, how well I took care of Younger Marcie and David when you and mum used to go out for your trips. And since the travelling bug runs in the genes, this would be a perfect opportunity for me to explore mine.

Sydney is a beautiful place and I can always visit museums and the famous tourist spots when I am free. I believe, Aunt Martha also lives in this city. It would be wonderful to visit her occasionally during weekends. I hope all goes well and hear from you soon.

Loads of Love,

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