You have seen an advertisement in the local newspaper about helping to improve the environment. Write a letter to the editor and explain

– Why you are interested in it

– How you can help

– When you are available


Dear Sir,
I am writing this letter in reference to the advertisement that I saw in a local newspaper about your movement to plant 10000 trees in our city.

My name is John Smith, and I am a resident of Ludhiana. I am keen on making our surroundings a better place to live in. I am pretty much aware of the challenges our next will have to face if we do not take any initiative to stop environmental degradation.

I am already a member of some of the social welfare organizations in the city. I have already been part of such practices in the recent past such as in April, I took part in an initiative to plant 1000 plants in our locality.

As I am working as a full-time web developer, I shall be only available on the weekends. Apart from this, I can also participate during public holidays like the one falls in the next week.

I look forward to hearing your positive response.

Yours faithfully,
John Smith

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