Some universities offer online courses as an alternative to classes delivered on
campus. Do you think this a positive or negative development?

The idea of providing distance education of numerous universities has become quite fashionable. Whilst I believe online courses to have great benefits in several cases, I presume that this trend may give rise to some downsides.

On the one hand, it is my belief that this tendency is likely to be profitable. One noticeable advantage is an increase in academic chance for social members. The adoption of videoconferencing technology and free-to-use group chats in Internet-bases courses may serve to facilitate the study of busy workers without leaving their current jobs. Furthermore, students could get access to academic lectures by prominent professors from World-famous universities via e-learning classes.

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Advertisements are becoming more and more common in everyday life. Is it positive or
negative development?

Advertising is gaining more popularity in the marketing of products or services. While advertisements are considered to be advantageous, they can have numerous negative influences.

It is unquestionable that there are several benefits of advertising. By dint of the largescale expansion of advertising in almost every kind of mass media and nearly all hoardings, this sector is likely to generate a diversity of employment opportunities. In other words, it provides occupations for artists, painters or copywriters in designing and preparing logos, contents or ideas for advertisements.

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certain jobs are suitable for men and some jobs are suitable for women. To what extent
do you agree or disagree?

It is natural that both genders possess distinct features. While it is believed that several occupations are appropriate for men or women on the basis of their own qualities, I partly approve of this viewpoint because each sex can expose equal performance at work to the opposite gender in various cases.

On the one hand, several respective characteristics of each gender may enable them to be compatible with certain jobs. As regards males, they are blessed with good physical stamina, decisiveness or strong will, allowing them to be well qualified for armed forces.

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Some people think that everyone has the right to have access to university education,
and that government should make it free for all students no matter what financial
background they have. To what extent do you agree or disagree with this opinion?

It is unquestionable that every citizen has equal opportunities to follow higher education. I believe that the government should allow students to attend university free of charge. However, I disagree with the policy of providing free higher education for all students regardless of their financial background.

Supplying free tertiary education for students is a sensible national investment. Numerous students, if not obliged to pay tuition fees can afford to cover their living costs; thereby concentrating on academic performance or cultivate their professional skills. Therefore, they may be well qualified for future employment. Additionally, university graduates who have received governmental grants for all university tuition fees can become productive citizens contributing to social betterment.

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Fossil fuel is the main source of energy. In some countries, the use of alternative
sources of energy is encouraged. To what extent do you think is it a positive or negative

In several parts of the world, fossil fuel plays a primary role in producing energy. However, governmental leaders also promote the utilization of nontraditional sources of power. I believe that this policy could generate both advantages and shortcomings.

There are various benefits of putting renewable power sources into practice. Firstly, when the exploitation of the non-conventional energy sources gains more popularity, followed by a decrease in the utilization of fossil fuel, natural renewable resources, which are being overexploited at an alarming rate and in danger of being exhausted, can be saved with a view to being preserved for later generations.

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In many countries, governments are spending a large amount of money on improving
internet access. Why is it happening and do you think it is the most appropriate use of
government money?

Recently, an ample amount of governmental investment money is being poured into the amelioration of the Internet supply. This phenomenon has its root from a host of factors, and I would discuss that there are various available ways to allocate this money more effectively.

To begin with, it is understandable why enhancing the quality of the Internet provision has become a key national investment portfolio. Firstly, with the availability of a better Internet connection, an extensive avenue of information is opened up for the inhabitants.

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In the future, it seems more difficult to live on the Earth. Some people think more money
should be spent on researching other planet to live, such as Mars. To what extent do you
agree or disagree with this statement?

Advances in technology make the prospect to find the second Earth potentially viable. While I agree that terrestrial life has become increasingly difficult, I do not believe that we should invest money in finding a new planet to live on.

On the one hand, there is no doubt that life is not as easy as it was in the past. The main problem is the growing level of environmental pollution that adversely affects humankind in all parts of the world. The rising consumption of natural resources such as gas, oil and coal has resulted in an enormous amount of carbon emissions being released into the atmosphere, which impairs the air quality and accelerates climate change.

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It is impossible to help all people in the world, so governments should only focus on
people in their own countries. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

The role of one government to support citizens of other countries has been a major topic of concern in today’s society. From my perspective, this practice is feasible and there are compelling reasons why governments should help people in the global community rather than only focusing on the citizens of their own countries.

In this context of globalisation and international integration, the provision of assistance for peoples of all countries in the world is not an impossible task anymore. One explanation for this is that modern means of transport have transformed the way that international assistance could be given, and now assistance could reach even the most remote places on Earth.

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Men and women employed in full-time jobs should share the responsibilities of household chores. Do you agree or disagree? Share relevant personal experiences.

With women demonstrating their ability to perform just as well as men on the global professional stage, it is no wonder that more and more men are taking on the responsibilities of domestic life. I feel that all household chores should be distributed evenly between dual-income couples. The virtues of this arrangement will be shown by looking at the positive effects it has on both children and the relationship quality the married couple experiences.

For one, parents who share housework provide a good example to their children of the importance of empathy. For instance, while working in Dubai, I taught English to children of several dual income families. These children were very proactive when it came to helping their parents with

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Prison is the common way in most countries to solve the problem of crime. However, a
more effective solution is to provide people a better education. Agree or disagree.

People have different views about the most effective way to reduce crime. While I agree that prison can be a good solution, I would argue that it is much better for governments to educate citizens in order to minimise the problem of crime.

On the one hand, I accept that prison is a necessary measure to help governments deal with crime. Firstly, this is an effective method of punishing criminals. For example, those who commit murders in many countries might have to face a life sentence. As a result, people would be afraid of these severe punishments and are therefore less likely to offend. Secondly, when offenders are kept in jail, they cannot get out and interact with others in society. This prevents them from committing more crimes, which helps to guarantee safety for all citizens. If dangerous criminals are not sent to prison, this might be a great threat for other people.

On the other hand, I believe giving education for citizens is a much better solution to minimise the problem of crime. The first reason is that many crimes occur due to a lack of awareness. For instance, many people do not know that it is illegal to have sex with a teenager who is less than 16 years old.

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