Previous year question paper for EEMI (B-TECH electronics and communication engineering 6th)

Engineering economics and industrial management

Previous year question paper with solutions for Engineering economics and industrial management from 2014 to 2019

Our website provides solved previous year question paper for Engineering economics and industrial management from 2014 to 2019. Doing preparation from the previous year question paper helps you to get good marks in exams. From our EEMI question paper bank, students can download solved previous year question paper. The solutions to these previous year question paper are very easy to understand.

Cost analysis: Break-even analysis, two and three alternatives, graphical solution. Breakeven

charts, effects of changes in fixed and variable costs. Minimum cost analysis,

economics order quality. Effect of risk and uncertainty on lot size.

Replacement Studies: Reasons for replacement, factors to be considered in replacement Studies,

discounted cash flow analysis, economic life of a project, challenger and defender.

Economic Analysis Of Investment Alternatives : Basic economy study patterns and their

comparison, decision making in selection of alternative by present worth methods, rate of return

method, payout period method and uniform annual cost method, economic

analysis of new projects, effect of taxation on economic studies.

Cost Estimation : Difference between cost estimation and cost accounting, qualifications

of an estimator. Estimating procedure, Estimate of material cost and labour cost. Estimation of cost in

various manufacturing operations.

Depreciation : Types of depreciation and their Methods.

Concepts of Industrial Management: Concept, Development, application and scope of Industrial

Management , Functions of Management, Evolution of Management Thought : Taylor’s Scientific

Management, Fayol’s,Principles of Management, Douglas Mc-Gregor’s Theory X and Theory Y,

Mayo’s Hawthorne, Experiments, Hertzberg’s Two Factor Theory of Motivation, Maslow’s

Hierarchy of Human Needs’

Productivity : Definition, measurement, productivity index, types of production system, Industrial


Designing Organizational Structures: Concept, Importance and characteristics of organization,

Types of organization - Project, matrix and informal organization. Span of control, Delegation of


Materials Management-Objectives, Inventory - functions, types, associated costs, Inventory

Control Systems-Continuous review system-periodical review system. Stores Management and Stores

Records. Purchase management, duties of purchase of manager,

associated forms.