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Unit-1 Biodiversity

• Concept and value of biodiversity

• Levels of biodiversity species, eco and genetic.

• Balance in nature.

• Biodiversity for sustenance of mankind.

• Resource limitation.

• Ecological role of biodiversity.

• Interdependence among different species.

• India as a mega diversity nation.

• Economic potential of biodiversity.

• Loss of biodiversity- threatened, endangered and extinct.

• Strategies for conservation of biodiversity in situ and exsitu.

• Mitigating the people- wildlife conflict.

Unit-II Environmental Management

• Need for environment management vis-a-vis development.

• Aspects of environmental management-ethical, economic, technological and social.

• Legal provisions for environmental management.

• Approaches for environmental management- economic policies, environmental indicators, setting of standards, information exchange and surveillance.

• Problem of stubble and its management ( study material upload on website)

Unit-III Sustainable Development

• Concept of sustainable development.

• Concept of sustainable consumption.- 20 -

• Need for sustainable development for improving the quality of life for the present and future.

• Challenges for sustainable development-political and administrative will, dynamic and flexible polices, appropriate technologies, comprehensive review and revision mechanism, human approach.

• Development of skilled manpower.

• Role of individual and community.

• Role of nationa and international agencies( both governmental and non- governmental)

Unit-IV Sustainable Agriculture

• Need for sustainable agriculture.

• Green revolution-impact on environment.

• Importance of soil for crops, Irrigation systems, use of manure and fertilizers.

• Crop protection-major plant pests and diseases (wheat, rice, cotton, sugarcane, potato), measures for their controlagrochemicals.

• Impact of agrochemicals on environment.

• Elements of sustainable agriculture-mixed farming, mixed cropping, crop rotation, biological and economic consideration, use of biofertilizers and bio pesticides, biological pest control, integrated pest management.

• Application of biotechnology in crop improvement.

• Management of agricultural produces- storage, preservation, transportation and processing.

Unit-V Environmental Actions

• Meeting basic human need, food, water, shelter and fuel for all.

• Population control

• Changing consumption patterns.

• Prevention and control of environmental pollution.

• Waste management- reduce, reuse and recycle;

• Community movement for ecological restoration and conservation of environment like joint forest Management (JFM),student's participation in tree rearing, social and agro- forestry.

• Drugs-ill effects(Part-II) Consequences of use of different dugs, The narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances Act-1985 offences as penalties.(study material uploaded on website)

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